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A Project for 2012

Very soon after completing my 365 Project, I realised I needed a new challenge. I barely touched my camera in October and I could see how quickly my photography would stagnate if I didn’t keep up the momentum that the 365 had provided.

So with that in mind I’ve built myself a new website and I’ve started a 52 Project. I’m aiming to take one awesome photo every week for the year. Not just that, the photo will be on a specific theme. I’m going to follow the themes handily laid out by the BBC on their website and hopefully, maybe, I’ll get a photo published on the site as well.

It would be easy to think that a 52 Project would be less of a challenge to complete than a 365, and in some respects I guess it may be. However, with the 365 I could take any photo out of a selection and choose it to be that day’s photo or when I ran out of time at the end of the day I could take a picture of the closest thing to me and throw that in. This time there’s restrictions and a lot more thought to be had. Some of my 365 photos I’m proud of but there’s also some real rubbish in there too; now, I’m going for quality over quantity.

It’s week one and my theme is ‘elevated’, I’m aiming to post up the result on Sunday but until then, here’s a selection of my favourite shots from my 365 Project. (Click on a photo to view large slide show)




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